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Future Idaho Leaders

Andrew Card 
Chief of Staff - George W. Bush

The next generation of Idaho leaders need  to equip themselves with the knowledge and relationships necessary to step into leadership positions and successfully drive the next decades of progress and prosperity in the state.


To identify, educate and cultivate the next generation of Idaho political and industry leaders through monthly learning lunches and networking opportunities in order to prepare future leaders to take action to improve Idaho. Members will hear from a variety of experts on a diverse range of topics in order to better educate themselves and gain a better understanding of Idaho. Equipped with a continued understanding of fiscal, political, and economic issues, members will build momentum to start leading healthy strategic change in Idaho industry and politics.


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Anne Helen Petersen

Author & Journalist


Past Speakers

Andrew Card
White House Chief of Staff
Dirk Kempthorne
Secretary of the Interior
Jim Yost
Idaho's Youngest State Senator
Brad Little
Idaho Lieutenant Governor
Russ Fulcher
Corey Cook
Dean - BSU School of Public Service
Jeff Malmen
Sr. VP Public Affairs, Idaho Power
Scott Bedke
Idaho Speaker of the House
Raul Labrador
Phil Reberger
Sullivan Reberger
Kevin Satterlee
Idaho State University
James Ruchti
Colonel Kurt “Bigfoot” Helphinstine
Mountain Home Air Force Base
Amy Lientz
Idaho National Laboratory
Karianne Fallow
CEO Dairy West
Bill Manny
Idaho Public Television
David Wali
Gardner Company
Dr. David C. Pate
St. Luke's Health (retired)
Anita McBride
Chief of Staff, First Lady Laura Bush
Mike Simpson
Patricia Kempthorne
Idaho First Lady
Scott Anderson
CEO Zions Bank
Maj. Gen. Richard Simcock
U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)
Greg Strimple
Jim Jones
Chief Justice, Idaho Supreme Court
Jeff & Laurel Sayer
Business Leaders
Alexander Toeldte
Chairman Clearwater Paper
Brent Hill
Idaho Senate Pro Tempore
Brian Whitlock
Idaho Hospital Association
Dr. Bob Kustra
Boise State University
Rob Perez
Banker & Community Leader
Seth Ogilvie & Melissa Davlin
Idaho Public Television
Megan Ronk
Idaho Power
Tommy Ahlquist
Steve Bartlett
Ada County Sheriff
Bryan Murphy
McClatchy Journalist D.C.